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About BTG

This project seeks to make more explicit how educational research might inform teaching in the classroom. While oftentimes implications from research seem clear to researchers, we know, as classroom teachers ourselves, that sifting through research takes time we don’t have.  This project was designed to not only share what we glean from research, but also to share the work of making sense of the education literature.

We hope this project encourages  ourselves and our readers to base their instructional strategies on the plethora of available education research.  The articles that make up this project are not meant to be revolutionary or necessarily new.  Instead, we are trying to share insight from individual, high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles and how this insight applies to classroom practice.  We are not necessarily trying to create new ideas, but to harness the power of what is already known.

We believe that the most important force for positive change in education is the classroom teacher.    The classroom teacher is the most important factor in a child’s education.  We hope this project better enables those classroom teachers (including ourselves) to make sound decisions rooted in what is known about teaching and learning from educational research.

Comments are always welcome, but our goal is not to spur discussion, but action in the classrooms of the world. Of course, discussion can only help us all better understand our goals and how to reach them.  We hope you visit often as we will always be adding new material to our archives.

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  1. March 21, 2010 3:12 pm

    Sounds excellent! Looking forward to your findings, insights, and recommendations!

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