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GNA Garcia

GNA Garcia is a gypsy rogue scholar. Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, GNA spends her days reading, writing, and thinking for a living in pursuit of La Libertad aka Freedom (the name she’s given her in-progress dissertation on the role of teacher stance in  classroom-based problem finding). GNA possesses a MA in college student development and more than 10 years experience teaching and learning with adult students. Every summer for the last four years she has had the privilege of working with pre service teachers as an adjunct faculty member in Educational Psychology for the Teacher Certification Program for College Graduates at the University of Connecticut. You can find more information about GNA’s professional and scholarly endeavors at her website, and about her daily experiences in life, love, and La Libertad via @DrGarcia on twitter.

Jerrid W. Kruse

Jerrid has taught science to students from elementary to graduate school.  Recently accepting a position at Drake University, he is looking forward to continuing his work with pre-service students.  Jerrid has conducted education research in diverse educational settings, presented at state, national an international education conferences.  His areas of expertise include: classroom management, history & nature of science, inquiry-based instruction, & learning. Learn more about jerrid at or follow Jerrid on twitter.

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